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BSP-Consulting GmbH founded in 2009 by Dip. Ing. (FH) Thomas Bühl

Thomas Bühl

Mühlenweg 27

38159 Vechelde



Date of Birth:                   June 26, 1967

Birthplace:                       Birkenfeld, Germany

Nationality:                       German

Marital status:                  married, two sons (born 2001 and 2009)

                                         Education college of Economics
                                         Technical School of Engineering
                                         (Department of Natural Science)

Education:                        Dairy Lab worker

Training company:          Hochwald Lebensmittelwerke GmbH

Study:                               Starting in semester 1989/90 at the

                                          Fachhochschule Hannover, Department of Dairy

                                          Economics in Hannover-Ahlem (Germany)

                                          End of the study in July 1993

                                          Internship application development in the field of


                                          BIOLAC GmbH

                                          Society for industrial use of milk ingredients

                                          (Drying operation for whey products)

Thesis:                              system planning a baby food production.

                                          In cooperation with the BMA Brunswick (Germany)


                                          08/1994 to 08/2001 BMA Brunswick

                                          Braunschwigische Maschinenbauanstalt Department of

                                         TAG (drying equipment company)
                                         Project management, engineering, calculations.
                                         Installation Services, Commissioning
                                         Pilot plant care, experimental procedures

09/2001 until 12/2006 CPS (Denmark)
                                         Carlisle Process Systems (CPS Today subsidiary of Tetra Pak Processing Systems)
                                         Sales, service.
                                         Project management, engineering, calculations, developments.
                                         Installation supervision, commissioning.
                                         Lectures, trainings.

01/2007 to 09/2012 Anhydro / SPX Flow Technology Danmark A / S (Denmark)
                                         Sales, service, process engineering consultancies.
                                         Recipe creation.
                                         Project management, engineering, calculations, developments.
                                         Control descriptions.
                                         Installation supervision, commissioning.
                                         Lectures, trainings.
                                         Problem solver (Troubleshooter)

Since 08/2010 BSP Consulting
Buhl Spray Powder Consulting
Managing Director


Knowledge:           Technology Spray-Belt-Systems (Filtermat and SBS)
                               (in particular) dosing for a variety of media.
                               Measurements of many process data within the drying

                               Explosion protection for spray drying plants
                               Emulsion’s many standard and special products of the

                                 dairy and food sectors.
                               Hygiene requirements, GMP, FDA, HACCP
                               AutoCad (2D); Word, Excel, Windows, project plan,

                                 Outlook, PowerPoint.

Languages​​:            German (mother tongue)
                               English spoken and written

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